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Tulum Life. Part 1

Tulum playa. Places to eat on the beach. ​ #1 La Eufemia; this is down the south end of Tulum beach toward the Sian ka'an biosphere, great tacos great atmosphere at at very reasonable price. I tried all the tacos they had, like most taquerias in Mexico the tacos come out with just the filling you want then you go and add what ever salsas coriander onion and hot sauces you want, you also get 2 tortillas with every taco for the bits you spill. So here goes the first -al pastor rotisserie pork with pineapple; I've had a lot of these and this one was right up there, I added onion tomatoe salsa and avocado sauce, such a delicious bbq flavour to the meat. It went really good with the avocado sauce, this is usually my favourite wherever I go. But I have to say on this occasion my next taco the diced beef mixture was unbelievable! The so fresh, melt in your mouth meat..... I put onions tomatoe salsa and a little bit of hot sauce on yuuuum!! Next up - Poc chuc; a traditional dish of the yucatan made with grilled pork in citrus marinade. A great zesty flavour I had onion and avocado sauce with mine, the meat was very tender with some little crunchy grilled bits just how I like it. This was my 2nd fav..... The next is the fish taco; you can get it grilled or fried (I got grilled), it came with some Mexican slaw and chipotle mayo which was pretty good but had nothing on the others. Last was the veggie, it was ok, with beans and Mexican slaw but not much flavour especially if you don't like spicy salsa which is what I put on mine to add some kick to it. All in all, still a good taco but the first 3 definitely were the best here. Grab a beer for around $3 AUS and your all set!! Good friendly service, it does get very busy though so try get here early grab a spot and even go for a dip in the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

#2. Corinas Cocina: is a old time fave with us and always our first food stop as its right next to were we stay, very friendly service and decent prices, happy hour from 5pm to 7pm - 2 for 1 mojitos and magaritas. The tostadas are delicious even if a bit hard to get your mouth around. They also do great pasta here, I had the lobster fettuccine with tomatoe and basil, very tasty and filling. Jen had the chicken tostadas crunchy tortillas with refried bean, chicken, lettuce tomato, avocado, red cabbage and carrot with mayo on top. We also busted out and got dessert - Nutella crepes with cajeta ( Mexican caramel) yum yum yum!! Here you also have a great view of the beach and are free to use there beach chairs and umbrellas a popular place on Saturday's and Sunday's with Mexican family's but usually pretty quiet during the week depending on the season.

#3 Charly's Vegan Tacos; a newcomer to Tulum. Located on the beach side but not beachfront connected to Papaya Playa Project, in operation for only 5 months. I have to say I was a bit sceptical about vegan tacos being as good as meat tacos or even vegie tacos with no use of cheese or eggs but this soon went away with my first bite there are 3 tacos on the menu. #1. Tacos Al Pastor - roasted mushrooms, pine nuts, apple, garlic and peppers. It was very good and hard to believe it wasn't meat. #2. Mexican Piccadillo; textured soy in red sauce with glazed carrots and caramelised potatoes this was my fav and even harder to believe there was no meat in there. The soy gives you the exact same meat texture and so much flavour from the red sauce. #3. Rojas poblanas a sliced poblano pepper with caramelised onions and corn kernels stewed in creamy sauce this one you could tell there was no meat more a veggie taco but still very good. All tacos could be topped up with different kinds of condiments like pickled carrots, grated beetroot, hummus and mild medium and danger hot salsas. I have to say I was amazed at this place all that flavour and beautiful texture of authentic meat tacos with no animals involved. *Please note it's not right on the beach so bring mosquito repellent or they will probably carry you away. If I was judging solely on food this would have been #1 but I also took into consideration location atmosphere and service, not to say any of that was bad here but hard to beat right on the shores of the Caribbean.

#4 Mezzanine Restaurant and Bar is a hotel and Thai restaurant down the ruins end of Tulum and next to a beautiful public beach. It has awesome views and the food is a nice breakup from the tacos and other Mexican dishes. It is a little bit more fine dining here so a bit more money but well worth it with great friendly service. We had a couple of curries; delicious and quite filling when adding the rice. They have 3 different spice opinions - tourists, expatriate, and local; we were not feeling that adventurous and after a lot of chile in the Mexican food we have been eating we decided to give it a rest. Meals were very good, I would highly recommend this restaurant even if just for the views but it's much more than that.

#5. Juanita Diabola wood fire pizza; we walked here as the place we stayed was not far but they deliver free anywhere along the beach road on orders above $250 Peso, around $20 AUS. We got 2 pizzas both really good they range from about $11 AUS to $18 AUS, we also had the cocktail special while we waited, a gin tropical, it was excellent, the service was not the best very slow we took the pizzas Back to our accommodation and ate them right on the beach at sunset.

This concludes part one of Tulum life, if you have any questions about Tulum please don't hesitate to ask thanks and stay tuned for part 2 Tulum Pueblo.



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