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Our working holiday begins...

After a bit of a rough trip over to Mexico City due to recovering from head colds we took it easy our first morning enjoying the very good breakfast at our hotel which included fresh fruit juices, yogurt, granola, mexican sweet breads (I was more than a little excited about the sweet breads lol), watermelon, papaya rockmelon, pineapple and a delicious omelette made to order ahhhhh Mehico it's good to be back!!! Followed by taking in all the beautiful gardens the very private Pug Seal Boutique B&B Coyoacan has to offer.

After a nice long shower I took a nap...... a 4-5 hour nap lol. Woke up feeling fresh and ready for a food tour of Polanco neighbourhood of Mexico City. Polanco was a 45 min cab ride from Coyoacan not that far in kms but with the big city traffic takes more time. The neighbourhood of Polanco is very upmarket, a unit here will cost you around $3m US.

​Our first stop and tour meeting point was Guzina Oaxaca, where we met out tour buddy's and fellow Aussies James and Emma and our very passionate guide Luiz. First on the menu was a memela with bean paste and cheese, a memela is a form of sope which is a smaller thicker version of a taco a little more doughy due to the thickness. Very tasty although I'd have to say I prefer tacos. There was also fresh made salsa a lot like we make at El Taco Loco, with grilled tomatoes, chilles tomatillos and garlic mixed in a molcajete a kind of pestle and mortar. And a Agua Fresca drink of passion fruit, mango and strawberry (yum). Next were 3 types of mole's - black, brown and red with crunchy tortilla bread. *Mole's are very complex we may cover them more on our next stop Puebla. The black and brown mole's were similar in taste having chocolate notes with a very deep flavour and more fruity than I'd imagined. The red was a little less deep and had a nice spice to it, all were very good but for me I'd say the red was best with a perfect balance of flavour and spice.

Next stop is Tamalli for a shredded chicken tamale and a warm drink of atole. First let's talk tamale's they are made of maize dough filled with seasoned meats or vegetable and steamed or baked in a corn husk or banana leaf. Very nutritious and tasty. Now we have the atole, it's a warm drink made of masa corn dough,milk and sugar ours was cajeta flavoured which is a goats milk caramel very delicious. It has a custard like constancy and very sweet you could easily get caught drinking a lot of this if you are like me and love custard. Fortunately we only had a small serving and it was more than enough. All in all I really liked this drink and look forward to trying more of it in different flavours in the future.

Now we stop at Taqueria El Turix a little simple Yucteuos taco place with delicious tacos and beers. We had the cochinita pibil tacos with fresh lime and habanero salsa. Cochinita pibil is slow cooked pork seasoned wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in the ground, this was the fav for me delicious simple food at a great price washed down with a nice cold beer.

A short walk and we are at our next stop, a cantina style restaurant where we had a beef taco and a pulque drink. The taco was delicious not quite as good as the last taco but still very good. The main difference was the freshness, this beef taco was just a little dry off being perfect, the wait staff were also pretty disappointing which was noted by our guide. Not terrible, they just could have a been more welcoming they also tried to sit us at the worst table in the cantina when the place was empty. Onto the pulque... it is a drink made from the fermented sap of agave plant it is an ancient beverage making a comeback into popularity. Ours was flavoured with cranberry, I still don't know how I feel about the pulque think I need a few more try's.

Now we come to the chocolate store Que Bo, a fancy chocolate store not unlike one you would find Australia with the exception of some of the flavours - salted agave worms and grasshoppers. We also had chilli mango and dark coffee, here I liked the coffee the rest had probably to much going on for my palette very rich I did buy some 99% cacao and Jamaica (hibiscus flower) pieces both very good but a bit pricey. I'm keen to have a go at making some of the Jamaica chocolate when we return.

Then it's ice cream time for this we head into Roxy ice creams with a 50's decor, here we try the helados de mamey ice pcream of mamey, it's a tropical mexican fruit it's like a paw paw in shape and a rockmelon on the outside texture, inside its mildly sweet and dark orange in colour. The ice cream itself is nice I can imagine it would more take my fancy on a hot day in Mexico not a mild stormy night but still it was refreshing.

Next and final stop was Agua & Sal ...Where the seafood is flown in from Ensenada on the pacific coast of Mexico famous for its Marlin, the owner was so gracious greeting us and making sure we were all comfortable. We had the blue marlin tostadas with chipotle mayo and avocado my second favourite of the tour - so fresh and a classic flavour combination. To drink we had a ginger lime slightly fizzy drink, very refreshing, a lot like a homemade ginger beer back home it was the perfect end to a lovely tour of Polanco.



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