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Updated: May 29, 2018

Los Cabos is what most people from Oz think of when they think of Mexico.... cactus, desert, beach hot and dry. In actual fact this is an isolated area of Mexico separated by the Sea of Cortez.  Los Cabos, the once tuna cannery turned holiday Mecca with only 10 inches of rain a year and 300 to 350 days of sunshine. Making it a very hard place to grow crops, so the people that lived here prior to European arrival were nomadic. Los Cabos means 'The Capes', And is made up of 2 towns; Cabo San Lucas (the more touristy nightlife town) and San Jose del Cabo, a more sleepy historic town.  Cabo San Lucas started out as a tuna cannery and if you like sport fishing this is the place for you. They hold the biggest fishing tournament in world with a first prize of $3.5m USD (it's a 50k buy in). It's also home to the famous arch; a rock formation that separates the calm Lovers Beach and the rough Divorce Beach.  In San Jose you will find a much slower pace with lots of art and beautiful streets to walk.  Both towns are only now just fully recovering from the 2014 category 5 hurricane Odile, you can still see some evidence of the aftermath with restorations taking place on buildings here and there. After a couple of beach and beer days we went on a food tour of San Lucas. Taking a 40 min bus ride from our hotel in San Jose we met our guide Issy and to my surprise the tour started in the touristy shopping mall Puerto Pariso at the Marina!  Issy wanted to show us that you could still get good affordable Mexican meals there in the mall. We had a steak Torta.  *A torta is Mexico's version of a sandwich and usually comes with; meat, cheese, lettuce avocado, peppers, and whatever salsas you want to add. Costing around $4 AUS, it was a great start to the tour.  We hit the streets next. Along the main tourist strip was a place called La Bocana Seafood & Bar. Here we had a fusion of Empanadas and Asian wontons - Finely diced veggies of carrot, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini and prawns with soy, spices and a beetroot dressing. It was delicious and my favourite meal on the tour.  After finishing up our cervazas we headed towards the local area away from the tourist strip. The local taco spot Los Claros was next, a few tourists still find their way there. We had a smoked Marlin Taco. I was very curious about this one and it didn't disappoint. A unique smokey flavour that almost didn't even taste like we were eating fish, more like shredded pork. As with most tacos served in Mexico, they come served just with the filling you choose then you head to the salsa bar to top up on your favs. I loved this taco and it was number two on my list.  Next we stopped off at a street vendor for an all-time Mexican street fav, Esquites (corn in a cup). This corn is different from what we know as corn in Australia, we have sweet corn, this is white field corn. It's less sweet so it needs a lot of jazzing up. And jazz it up they did!! Starting with fresh lime, mayo cheese, crema (Mexican sour cream) and then you put the salsas and other condiments such as the Mexican classic, and all the rage at the moment, Tajin. A spice lime and sea salt blend. Yum!! Very filling and cheap. While eating our Esquites we stroll around more of the local area ending up at Cabo Jacks Bar & Grill for some Sopes. These are like small tacos but the tortilla part is thicker. For me, sometimes too thick and while the toppings on these were good the base was a little thick for my liking.  Lastly we head for desserts, Helados (ice cream). Paletas are the ice creams on a stick (paddle pop style), in Mexico they have two types; water and cream. The fruits are mixed in and are almost endless and can even include cactus and blue corn. We chose coconut ice and cookies and cream, both delicious.  Lastly we hit up the street Churros stand. In Mexico they usually come as one big churro and they can be natural, cinnamon and sugar, chocolate, strawberry, or cajeta - a Mexican caramel made using goat milk. It's sooooooo good! A great end to the night.  During our stay in Los Cabos we also ate at a few other places. A bit hit and miss but here are my thoughts on a few recommendations... Cynthia's Fresh Organic Restaurant - great friendly service, great food at a reasonable price. Although due to low season this was not always open.  For a bit of a fancy option with a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean head to Lugareno, you pass through a beautiful boho garden setting and bar to the upstairs dinning. The food was very good, although portions a bit small, and a little pricey. Though we could not fault the service, view and quality of the food.  Last is the very hyped about La Lupita - Tacos and Mezcal in downtown San Jose. And it didn't disappoint. With a little wait to get in as they don't take bookings, just seating whoever is there first. We settled into the bar with a couple of drinks while the band played on a rooftop over the courtyard. We tried most all the tacos, the best were; the Al Pastor - roast pork with seasoning and pineapple. They do the meat on a gyro just like a Kabab in Oz. With around 8 drinks and 10 tacos the total was approx $100 AUS. We left very full and satisfied. Then took a little night stroll through the quiet streets of San Jose.  Gracias Colin

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