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An Evening in Santa Lucia

Apoala restaurant has delicious Oaxacan food in the beautiful Santa Lucia square and its my favourite place in Merida. Out first is the complementary delicately thin crunchy tortilla with salsa verde and a smokey salsa, then I ordered the tlayuda (Mexican version of pizza) this one was filled with salsa, lettuce, pieces of fillet steak, chorizo and Oaxacan cheese (Mexican mozzarella) folded in a slightly toasted blue corn tortilla. This is in my top 3 meals so far in Mexico. The chorizo was the best I've ever tasted and the Oaxacan cheese is like a tasty version of mozzarella but still has the same stretch yum!! I had to get the last piece to go as it was quite filling but too good to leave behind, I had it for lunch the next day. Apoala is a bit of a fancy option when in Merida but definitely worth the money all up it was $55 AUS, that was for a couple of rum and cokes a bottle of mineral water, my tlayuda, Jen had the sea bass and we shared a choc brownie desert.

A few doors down is Ki'Xocolatl, a bean to bar organic chocolate cafe with all different kinds of wonderful chocolatey creations and even chocolate shampoo. On our last trip I tried the chocolate with lime and almond from Campeche and the dark chocolate with pink pepper from Veracruz both are very addictive. The lime and almond with its zing of lime bits and crunchy almond and the intriguing pink pepper with a sweet and spicy mix, you can't stop eating! This time we got the natural dark, a very nice high quality chocolate and the milk chocolate with baked corn chips from Sinaloa. This was delicious and reminded me of one of those nestle crunch bars with a much better tasting chocolate. So smooth with a hint of vanilla and the fresh crunch of baked corn chips yum!! We also got some almond chocolate bark which was very good and a bit of a cheaper option as its not pre packaged. Other chocolate block flavours are milk chocolate peanuts and sea salt from Quintana Roo, dark chocolate with organic coffee from Oaxaca, milk chocolate with almonds and oregano from the Yucatan, dark chocolate with red pepper and fine spices and many more tasty treats.

I highly recommend both of these places when in Merida, Yucatan.

Hasta luago,


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