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A night out in Mexico City

The evening began by meeting our vibrant funny and very excitable guide Leon in Downtown Mexico City or better know as Centro Historico. Where we waited for the other tour buddies to arrive, there were 6 of us all up, 2 from California and 2 from Ecuador. We mazed through the masses of people, stopping to observe an old church that is sinking, like a lot of buildings in Mexico City as the land is actually an island built on Lake Texcoco by the Aztecs. Leon then took us to Torre Latinoamericano a 44 storey skyscraper built of only Aluminium and glass back in 1956, the height 188 m or 597 ft and was the tallest building in Latin America till 1984. The old skyscraper withstood the 1985 Mexico City earthquake without damage. With all that info we headed to the 42nd level bar for a drink and to take in the amazing panoramic view.

Our stomaches were grumbling..... we headed back out into the busy streets of downtown, passing the big old, still functioning post office that has been in a few movies to El Charlatan Torteria for some tortas (a torta is a Mexican sandwhich, they come either cold or grilled) and michelada beer, which is prepared with lime juice, hot sauce and spices, served in a chilled, salt and chilly rimmed beer mug. We ordered...... chicharon which is sort of a pork rind chip and the conchinita pibil ( it tasted really good, if not better than the tacos in Polanco - big call lol - Jen ) The chicharon was nice with avocado and fresh chipotle chillies. All up it cost around $12 AUS for both meals and drinks.

Keeping the show on the road we headed to Plaza Gariealdi where all the Mariachi can be found. Taking a seat in one of the Mariachi bars called El Tanampa, we saw and heard a table being sung too. This went on for the whole time we were there (over 30mins) but the table seemed to still be enjoying the music and singing along!!! We had a jarocho band ( a smaller version of mariachi ) play for us as the full piece mariachi were taken. They did all the classics La Bamba Guantanamera and La cucaracha, it was a great listen while the thunder clapped outside. Leon ordered us 2 types of Mezcal, we shared half and half. Your supposed to sip on it and accompanied with a wedge of orange and spices you take in the flavour.

Our stay was a little longer than usual due to a massive storm that hit. But we had to get going. After trying to get 2 taxis for our group Leon asked if we were all ok to walk in the rain to the subway.... Of course we were, it was all part of the experience. The streets had now filled with water and many big puddles but we made it to the subway station. Feet drenched but ah well. ​We took 2 trains and a short walk arriving at the Arena to watch Mexican Wrestling. Once cameras were checked in (you can't take digital cameras in but phones are allowed) we headed in and were seated. It was all happening, the crowd was loving it as the fight had already begun. There were kids and fans screaming and yelling having a great time. We ordered a beer and were given a super duper sized cup that turned out to be 2 coronas, and for approx $6 AUS. Sipping on our beer and enjoying the 'show' (all the good guys won but our guide told us this wasn't always the case) it was awesome!! Once the fights were over we collected our cameras and Leon took us back out to the main road to get taxis back to our hotels.

We really enjoyed the evening and experience of a night out in downtown Mexico City and recommend this to anyone heading to Mexico City even if your not a big wrestling fan.

Gracias Amigos ~ Jen and Col

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